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Nissan Wheel Alignment Services in Amarillo, TX, Serving Hereford, and Canyon, TX

Nissan owners choose us for certified wheel alignment service quality performed by certified technicians using state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment. Customers can reduce the cost of a certified Nissan wheel alignment service by applying monthly maintenance offers, commonly including two-wheel and four-wheel alignments. Continue reading about wheel alignment, the importance of maintenance, and contact us today to schedule your next wheel alignment service at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo, near Pampa, Borger, and Dumas, TX.

Wheel Alignment and Why it Requires Service

Wheel alignment is the condition of wheel-tire assemblies relative to the suspension and is defined by three angles named the camber, caster, and toe-in, directing how the wheels are pointed and face the road. Wheels angled at factory specifications point straight ahead, perpendicular to the road, and opposite wheels are parallel. Wheel alignment is associated with extended tire life, improved handling, driving comfort, and safety. Routine wheel alignment service is necessary to adjust wheel angles back to specifications due to suspension component loosening. Nissan recommends getting wheel alignment service annually for the best results.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Nissan models with front-wheel drive (2WD) receive a two-wheel alignment service. Service includes measuring the front wheels’ angles with our computerized wheel aligner and adjusting the suspension to restore camber, caster, and toe-in to factory specifications.

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Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Nissan models with torque diverted into all four wheels, all-wheel drives (AWD) and 4x4s, receive four-wheel alignment service. Service includes measuring all four wheels’ angles and adjusting the front and rear suspension components to restore camber, caster, and toe-in to factory specifications.

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Bad Wheel Alignment Symptoms

Just as drivers enjoy significant benefits when wheels are in alignment, there are opposing consequences with crooked wheel angles that worsen with more miles. Here are the usual symptoms that drivers experience with bad wheel angles in need of alignment service:

  • - Pulling/veering toward one side of the road.
  • - Having to turn or fight the steering wheel to drive straight.
  • - Squealing tires, often heard when turning on flat parking lot pavement.
  • - Rapid & uneven tread wear.
  • - Vibration in the steering wheel/cabin.
  • - Tires losing air pressure; one tire needs more air pressure, but the others do not.


Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo

Nissan owners can schedule wheel alignment services by phone with helpful staff during regular hours or online service scheduling at any time. Don’t forget that we provide home/office pick-up and delivery for maximum wheel alignment service convenience.

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