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Oil Change Service in Amarillo, TX

Nissan Oil Change Services in Amarillo, Serving Canyon, Hereford, Pampa, Dumas, and Borger, TX

Nissan manufactures reliable, fuel-efficient, and long-lasting combustion engines. Nissan recommends getting scheduled oil changes as recommended for the best results. Nissan owners choose us for certified oil change quality with express service available without appointments. Certified technicians complete our full oil change service menu with OEM certified motor oil and oil filters. Customers interested in the lowest service cost and maximizing value apply monthly maintenance specials commonly including full-synthetic, conventional, semi-synthetic, and diesel oil changes. Continue reading about Nissan oil changes and contact us to get your next oil change service at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo, TX.

Conventional Oil Change


Conventional motor oil is the automotive industry’s original standard. It is refined petroleum with additives that improve performance. Nissan owners with engines lubricated by conventional motor oil need oil change services every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

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Synthetic Oil Change


Full-synthetic motor oil is the most advanced combustion engine lubricant; it has a smaller molecule offering the thinnest viscosity and contains many additives that help it resist thermal breakdown and sludge formation. The degree of refinement and additives explain why full-synthetic motor oil is considered artificial. Full-synthetic motor oil has a premium cost compared to conventional, but the advanced engine protection and 10,000-mile change interval make it a worthwhile investment for many Nissan drivers.

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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change


Semi-synthetic motor oil is a special lubricant that combines conventional and full-synthetic oils’ characteristics. It is often called synthetic blend due to improved performance and extended change intervals beyond conventional. However, it doesn’t perform as well with a shorter change interval compared to full-synthetic. Semi-synthetic is often preferred among Nissan drivers with high-mile engines lubricated by conventional and want to improve engine protection while avoiding full-synthetic’s premium cost.

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Diesel Oil Change


Nissan manufactures diesel engines lubricated by a specialized diesel oil containing greater anti-wear properties. Nissan Titan and Pathfinder owners with diesel engines choose us for certified Nissan oil change quality, including the recommended OEM diesel oil and oil filter parts.

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Get Oil Change Service at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo

Nissan owners can get oil change services at the Nissan Express Service department without appointments. We also schedule oil change service appointments as preferred online or by phone. Although we have helpful staff available to book appointments by phone during normal hours, we also have an online service scheduler available to book appointments at any time.

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