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Your car runs because of the many different parts that all work in concert to keep it working right. However, key to those parts and systems working together are the fluids that they use. Fluids perform vital tasks in your car, from hydraulic fluid to coolant fluid and more. When your coolant gets too old, it needs to be exchanged, and we can help with that at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo. We perform transmission fluid exchanges, brake fluid exchanges, coolant fluid exchanges, differential fluid exchanges, power steering fluid exchanges, and anything else you might need.

Our Certified Technicians Use OEM Fluids for Your Car

We have a group of experts ready and waiting to help exchange the fluids in your car. There isn’t anything that they don’t know about exchanging fluids in your car, so you can trust that they’ll get your fluid exchanged and ready to go in no time. Our certified technicians are Nissan-certified, which is a special designation that allows them to perform service on Nissan’s behalf in certain situations. It’s a badge of honor that indicates that they know Nissan vehicles like nobody else and can perform all the services and repairs you might need. As a part of their dedication to quality, our technicians are very careful about what goes into your car. Certain fluids are made for certain cars, and some fluids are even made for mass compatibility. Our technicians want you to get the best fluid possible, which is why they use OEM fluids for their exchanges. OEM fluids are the fluids that Nissan designed and engineered specifically for your car, and are identical to the fluids that were used in the factory when the car was being put together.

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Our service center is the primary hub for Nissan fluid exchange services for Amarillo, Pampa, Dumas, Canyon, Hereford, Borger, and the surrounding areas. Our service center has everything you could want while you wait, from free Wi-Fi to high-definition TVs. We also have a courtesy transportation shuttle for when you need to be elsewhere, and we provide rental car services for those times when your car needs to stay with us a little longer. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with Nissan cars in mind, so set up your appointment with our online scheduler today!

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