Happy dog on street.

Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets is complex and requires planning. We care about your pets as much as you do, so we want to ensure every step is taken to keep them safe for your summer travels!

Take frequent breaks

If your dog doesn’t usually travel in the car, we recommend taking more breaks to help reduce stress. Your dogs need time to run around, so taking breaks during your trip will allow you and your pet to stretch your legs. More importantly, it can prevent any accidents! Although Nissan’s Armada doesn’t stop accidents, it will give your pet more leg room in the back so they don’t feel cramped. It’s good to remember, however, that accidents can still happen! Protect your vehicle’s floorboard from staining and bad odor with a cargo area protector.

Bring plenty of treats

Pack your pet’s favorite toys to give them a sense of security and comfort. Food and treats are also great for breaks between car rides. However, we recommend giving your pets their treats during breaks to prevent choking! 

Never leave your pets in your vehicle

A general rule is to avoid leaving your pets in the vehicle altogether. Although keeping your dog in the car for a few minutes is convenient, we strongly advise against it. Several minutes can quickly turn into thirty if you get distracted, and in hot weather, this can harm your pet! Some cars, like Nissan’s ARIYA, have technology that allows you to control the cabin temperature from your phone with the MyNissan app. However, we recommend bringing a friend to watch your pet if you plan to leave your car for an extended period. 

Keep them cool

Leave your AC on and keep your windows rolled up! Although your pets may love feeling the outside breeze, they can easily be injured. Additionally, you’ll want to use child locks to keep your pets from accidentally opening the car door while you’re driving! 

We recommend keeping your pet safe and comfortable with pet travel accessories. If you have a Nissan, a sizing guide is available to ensure pet partitions, front seat dog barriers, and other accessories fit in your vehicle. Call our parts department at (806) 354-3550 to order your car accessories, and have safe travels with your pets this summer!

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