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Learn More About NissanConnect

NissanConnect was made for every driver’s convenience. Texting, calling, and changing music can now be done with minimal distractions. With cutting-edge, practical technology, you can connect your vehicle to your smartphone to enhance your experience. 

Designed for easy connectivity.

With Nissan, the driving experience is more connected than ever. Drivers can pair their smartphone to their vehicle with AndroidAuto and AppleCarplay. With Voice Recognition and Hands-Free Text Assistance, connecting with others is simple. By saying, “Hey Nissan,” you can ask your vehicle to send messages, call, change music, start the engine, or even turn on the lights– all with the sound of your voice.

The easiest way of control. 

Control your vehicle effortlessly at the click of a button. With NissanConnect, you can use the MyNissan app to check climate control and lock and unlock your vehicle. If you drive Nissan’s ARIYA, you can stay updated about your vehicle’s charge by checking the NissanConnect dashboard. 

Stay entertained on the go.

AppleCarplay and AndroidAuto simplify tuning into your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. Drivers can now use their voices to play and switch songs. Some Nissan models have a built-in WiFi hotspot, so you don’t have to worry about using too much data. 

Security at your convenience.

Not only can you lock and unlock your vehicle with NissanConnect, but you can also check your vehicle location. NissanConnect Services has response specialists ready to help. They contact roadside assistance or even the police to help you locate your vehicle if it’s stolen. 

Easy connectivity

Pairing your vehicle with NissanConnect is simple. Pull up the main menu on your vehicle display screen, and select Connections and Bluetooth before selecting “add new.” Then select Connections and Bluetooth and decide which settings to enable. 

Find out how to fully utilize NissanConnect by checking if it’s available to your vehicle, or shop our lineup of vehicles with NissanConnect by visiting

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