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The interior of a Nissan vehicle

Find Your Ideal Ride: Why Nissan Takes You Further

Looking for a new vehicle? Narrow your choices between hundreds of styles, makes, and models by reading our blog!

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A Red Nissan Kicks at McGavock Nissan Amarillo

A Vehicle for Every Need: Nissan’s 2024 Lineup

Nissan’s new lineup of vehicles is changing the game. Learn more about the 2024 Nissan lineup by reading our blog!

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Reasons to Buy a Nissan

Reasons to Buy a Nissan

Find a car that fits your needs with Nissan. From reliable sedans to exhilarating EVs, every Nissan offers comfort, safety, and efficiency for every drive. Ready to hit the road? Read more for insights to help you find your perfect match! Optimized Safety Technology Made with state-of-the-art safety technology features,…

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Nissan's 2024 LEAF

Nissan’s 2024 LEAF

If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, Nissan’s LEAF is the picture of efficiency. Nissan’s 2024 LEAF cuts gas costs while bringing drivers the range, comfort, and spirit they need for every commute. Find out how the LEAF can fit your traveling needs. Impressive Mileage The LEAF is…

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Nissan Finance and Payment Options - Buying Your First Vehicle

Nissan Finance and Payment Options

Take your first steps to buying your first vehicle! If it’s your first time buying a car, navigating the car market seems intimidating. Luckily, it’s less tedious than you think. Learn more about your finance and payment options when buying your first car. Get Pre-Approved Start the car-buying process right…

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The 2024 Nissan Rogue - Safe and Dependable Cars

Dependable and Safe Cars: Introducing the 2024 Nissan Rogue

2023 is coming to a close, meaning Nissan’s all-new lineup is approaching. The 2024 Nissan upholds the same reputation of safety and comfort while adding new touches to improve every drive. Learn more about how the 2024 Rogue can enhance every commute. Google-Powered Navigation Smart and convenient, the Nissan Rogue…

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A Nissan Rogue at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo. - How To Have A Safe & Stress-free Holiday Trip

How To Have A Safe & Stress-free Holiday Trip

Enjoy your holidays by preparing your vehicle for any unexpected problems. To learn more tips for a stress-free holiday trip, click here!

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Nissan's 2024 Lineup - The Altima

Introducing Nissan’s 2024 Lineup

Nissan’s 2024 lineup is back and better than ever. Each vehicle is packed with new styles and significant upgrades, offering you a dynamic and comfortable driving experience. Discover what’s new with Nissan by reading more. Altima The Altima’s new dynamic interior and exterior upgrades are designed to enhance your driving…

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An Aspen White Armada at McGavock Nissan of Amarillo.

Why You Should Choose Nissan

Most of us can agree on 3 fundamental features a vehicle should have: safety, fuel efficiency, and comfort. Nissan leads the way in both design and performance. Learn why you should choose Nissan as your next vehicle and how it can make your drive safer and more enjoyable with its…

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Electric Vehicles - Nissan's ARIYA

Why You Should Buy An Electric Vehicle

Do you wonder if you should drive an electric car? Here is a list of the top reasons you should buy an electric vehicle.

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